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QBCC Licence Offences: A Simple Guide

If you hold a QBCC licence, you will know that it comes with responsibilities. So, when it comes to ‘what not to do’, what do you need to understand? We have put together a list of some common offences and how to avoid them.

1. Undertaking unlicensed work

Make sure you are only undertaking work you are licensed to perform. If you want to undertake additional work, you need to obtain the appropriate licences. If your licence is suspended or cancelled, you are not permitted to undertake work until you become licensed again.

2. Sharing or using someone else’s licence

Sharing a licence with someone else is never ok and penalties apply. Make sure you only undertake work you are licensed to perform.

3. Advertising incorrectly

You are required to abide by advertising guidelines. Ensure you comply with the Act by including your name/company name, and your QBCC licence number in your advertising and site signage. Click herefor more information about advertising requirements.

4. Failure to pay invoices or withholding subcontractor funds

You are required to pay invoices before the due date or respond to the payment claim (invoice) to provide a payment schedule within the required timeframe. You are also not permitted to withhold subcontractor funds or other security without a reasonable excuse.

5. Delaying a direction to rectify

If you are provided with a direction to rectify, you risk penalties if you obstruct or delay the rectification work.

6. Failure to pay Home Warranty Scheme

If you complete any residential construction work over $3,300 you are required to pay the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance premium before the work starts or within 10 business days (whichever comes first).

For more information about understanding when you are in breach of your QBCC requirements, click here to visit the QBCC website.

I’ve done the wrong thing, what should I do?

If believe you are in breach of the rules and regulations associated with your QBCC licence, speak to a lawyer who specialises in building and construction law. Not only can they give you advice specific to your situation, but they can help you in your dealings with the QBCC.

Need some legal help? Our team specialises in building and construction law. Contact them today for a no-obligation chat.

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