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Jensen & Co Lawyers offers expert legal advice in building and construction law, business law, and wills and estates.


Since 1993, our team has been servicing a diverse customer base with measurable success. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for creating simple legal solutions that focus on providing the best possible outcome.


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Noel Jensen


Noel has more than 30 years of legal experience and is a Level 2 Adjudicator. He established Jensen & Co Lawyers in 1993 and for more than two decades, he has developed a reputation as a leader in commercial and construction law. 


Placing a high value on communication and transparency, Noel adopts a project management approach to costs and fosters a clear line of communication with clients. 


Noel is a Board Member of the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board and a Member of the Queensland Law Society Construction and Infrastructure Committee.


Outside of the courtroom, Noel is a tennis enthusiast and his achievements include playing at Roland Garros in the 1979 French Open.

Our vision is to be a trusted source of knowledge and advice allowing our clients to take charge of their future.

01. Our Values 

Currency of knowledge

Investing in the knowledge of our solicitors so they are abreast all matters pertaining to your case

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