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What should I include in my Online Course Agreement?

If you’re an Australian business cashing in on the online course boom, it’s important to understand the legal landscape. Developing a clear Online Course Agreement can help you protect yourself and your intellectual property (IP). So, what should you include in your Online Course Agreement? We have put together a few tips to consider.

Firstly, what is an Online Course Agreement?

An Online Course Agreement helps to establish client expectations. Not only does it outline your course details but also the terms in which it is provided. As the service provider, an Online Course Agreement also regulates your liability and helps protect your IP.

What should I include in my Online Course Agreement?

Your Online Course Agreement should cover off on a number of terms and clients should agree prior to commencing the course. Consider including the following when putting your Agreement together:

  • Scope and terms of the services you are providing.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Payment clauses

  • Cancellation and termination policies.

  • Liability protections.

  • Ownership of IP.

Ticking all of the boxes during the early stages of your online course isn’t easy. If you need some legal help get in touch with our team.

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