Online Subscription Services & the Legal Fine Print

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The rise of the subscription economy has propelled online sales to new heights. What started with software and streaming services has expanded to luxury subscription boxes, meal delivery kits and even access to professional advice. So, if your business is looking to join the online subscription boom, what legal boxes do you need to tick?

Beyond business start-up requirements, one key component with online subscription services is your terms and conditions. We have put together a quick list to help you take steps to cover the legal fine print.

1. Typical matters to address

Commonly, online Terms & Conditions will address matters such as:

  • Payment and refunds.

  • Deliveries and returns.

  • Cancellation and termination.

  • Restrictions on use.

  • User conduct.

  • Use of intellectual property.

  • Warranties.

  • Liability.

  • Promotions, Discount Vouchers and Giveaways.

  • Disputes.

2. Consider your core business

While all online subscription businesses will need to touch on matters such as payment terms, others will vary. Every business is different, so consider what you might need to add that is specific to yours. For example, if you post subscription boxes, you will need to touch on delivery and returns, and with a meal delivery service you will also need to delve into allergies and product availability.

3. Get in the know about Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

Under the ACL, you have obligations to comply with when it comes to your Terms and Conditions. This includes information about damaged or defective products and warranties.

Need some professional legal help to put together your Terms and Conditions? Get in touch with our team.

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