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COVID-19 and Building & Construction | What you need to know

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

While sites continue to operate as an essential service under current government shutdowns, the building and construction industry is facing tightening regulations. From social distancing to managing the risks of COVID-19, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest legislation and regulations.

Here are five common questions answered plus links to credible sources and helpful industry resources.

Quick Q&A

1. Will construction projects be affected by closures in the future?

At this stage, construction projects are considered an essential service and remain open under strict regulations. Whether or not this will change in Australia is unknown at this time. Stay on the front foot and make sure you keep up-to-date with federal and state announcements.

2. If I need to travel across the border for a project, can I do this?

If you reside in Queensland and need to cross into New South Wales, you do not require a permit to return home. However, if you are required to travel frequently interstate by road, you may choose to apply for a vehicle pass to display in your vehicle which may assist you when re-entering Queensland.

If you reside in New South Wales, you must apply for a border pass.

3. Has anything changed with counting days under BIFA?

There are no changes at this time to your obligations under BIFA and you are still required to follow the legislation. Remember, under BIFA a business day does not include:

  • a public holiday, special holiday or bank holiday in the place in which any relevant act is to be or may be done; or

  • a Saturday or Sunday; or

  • any day occurring within any of the following periods:

- 22 to 24 December

- 27 to 31 December

- 2 to 10 January

4. What social distancing, safety and hygiene requirements does my team need to be following onsite?

It is imperative during this time that you are following current regulations onsite and implementing control measures to manage the risks of COVID-19 and minimise the spread.

Visit the Master Builder’s Queensland website for detailed actions around hygiene, social distancing, equipment, communication and more. Plus, download their free COVID-19 worksite resources (scroll down and click on the Safety, social distancing & hygiene tab).

Visit the Safe Work Australia website for information about managing the risk of exposure, health checks and quarantine, hygiene, deliveries and communicating with workers.

5. Where can I find the latest information about COVID-19?

Download the Coronavirus Australia app via Apple or Google Play to stay up-to-date with official information and advice. You can also join the WhatsApp channel (on iOS or Android) and visit the Department of Health website.

Do you need some [legal] help navigating your business through COVID-19? Get in touch with our team for a confidential discussion about your specific situation.

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