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At a glance: The 2019 National Construction Code (NCC)

You may have heard on the building and construction grapevine that the changes to the NCC have taken effect from 1 May 2019. So, what exactly is the NCC and what are the changes? We have broken down some of the nuts and bolts to help you get your head around it.

What is the NCC?

The NCC provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia. It has been developed to incorporate all onsite construction requirements into a single code and covers the Building Code of Australia and Plumbing Code of Australia.

Where I can I read a copy of the NCC?

Visit the NCC website.

What are some of the changes?

Key changes to the 2019 code include improving the readability of the NCC and quantifying an estimated 40% of the performance requirements. 

In addition, amendments apply to Class 1 and 10 buildings and Class 2 to 9 buildings. They include:

Class 1 and 10 buildings

  • Energy efficiency

  • Earth retaining structures

  • Masonry

  • Decks and balconies

  • Flashings to wall openings

  • Condensation

  • Building sealing

Class 2 to 9 buildings

  • Fire safety

  • Fire sprinklers in Class 2 and 3 buildings

  • Energy efficiency

  • Occupiable outdoor areas

  • Bonded Laminate Concession

  • Accessible adult change facilities

  • Condensation Management

For a breakdown of the 2019 key changes, visit the Master Builders Queensland website. 

Important transitions and delays

Although the 2019 NCC is now in effect, a 12-month transition period applies to the energy efficiency provisions in Section J of Volume One and Parts 2.6 and 3.12 of Volume Two. The period ends on 30 April 2020 and during this time, either the new NCC 2019 provisions or those from NCC 2016 may be used.

With the new Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM), a delayed adoption will apply with a start date set for 1 May 2020.

Where can I find more information? 

For more information about the 2019 NCC, visit the Australian Building Codes Boardor for tailored advice regarding meeting your statutory and contractual obligations, contact Jeremy and Noel on (07) 4632 0480.

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