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Advertising requirements when you don’t hold a contractor licence

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

So, you don’t hold a QBCC contractor licence. Do you know your advertising obligations? We have put together some general information to help you understand the basics.

Firstly, let’s talk about what it means to not have a contractor licence

If you don’t have a QBCC contractor licence, you cannot:

  • undertake building work valued at more than $3,300.

  • undertake any of the following work:

- building design

- plumbing and drainage

- gas fitting

- termite inspections

- reports and pre-purchase building inspections

  • undertake any hydraulic services design work valued at more than $1,100.

Secondly, let’s talk about what constitutes as advertising

Under the QBCC Act, advertising is defined broadly and includes spoken and printed materials. Advertising includes but is not limited to:

  • Websites and social media.

  • Newspaper and magazine advertisements.

  • Vehicle advertising.

  • Yellow pages, Local Search and other third party search platforms.

  • Radio and television.

So, what do you need to know when advertising

If you are an unlicenced contractor, you are required to be transparent. This means, you must state in all advertising the value of the work you are permitted to undertake.

Here are some examples of advertising which complies with legislation:

  • Sam Smith

  • Painting, tiling, woodwork and plastering. Brisbane and surrounds. Call 0400 000 000. Jobs under $3,300 only.

  • Small building jobs. Cairns region. Can only do work valued at $3,300 or less. Contact Michael on 0400 000 000.

Remember, if your advertisements relate to pastoral and agricultural fencing, you do not need include a statement relating to the value of work you are permitted to undertake. This specific type of work is exempt building work. However, if the advertisement includes fencing services not limited to pastoral and agricultural fencing, you need to include a value statement (e.g. Cannot perform building work valued at more than $3,300).

What happens if I fail to comply with the requirements?

Failure to adhere to advertising requirements as an unlicensed contractor can result in a fine of $13,345.

For comprehensive information about your advertising obligations, visit the QBCC website.

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